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Virtual Data Room

Angie's Virtual Data Room

UPDATE: May 9, 2017 - Angie and technology consortium members' 5G document now available: Blueprint for Building 5G Primed Fiber Backhauled Telecom Infrastructures: Angie Communications and its Technology Partners, Fibrolan, IgniteNet and Elva-1, Disrupting the Fiber, Wireless and ISP Industries

UPDATE: May 11, 2017 - Joint Press Release technology consortium members: Virtual Reality-Primed 5G Networks Already Made Possible by Consortium of Pioneering Tech Firms 

With the recent launches of Angie projects in the USA, UK and the Netherlands, there are many achievements to report about.

Angie's Phase I allows the company to start building a fiber and wireless network that goes beyond 5G-ready, which is exactly why we coined the term 5G-Primed (www.5GPrimed.com). As you know, the ever-growing data consumption and the upcoming 5G revolution necessitates the building of fiber access networks as close to the mobile/wireless user as possible. 

The equipment required from vendors in Phase I revolves around outdoor carrier-class Wi-Fi, with an eye on (multi-band) mobile convergence. Each of Angie's Wi-Fi aggregation points will be fiber-fed, which is one of the many major facts that sets Angie's projects apart from Google's and Facebook's recently announced Gigabit wireless projects. This is truly Fiber to the Wi-Fi, and in fact virtual-Fiber-to-the-Home.  

The following documents and publications are available for public viewing:

Angie recently announced its revolutionary Gigabit Wireless Extreme projects. please click here for the announcement, or visit www.angiewireless.com (USA), www.angiewireless.co.uk (UK) and www.angiewireless.nl (Netherlands). 

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