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Virtual Data Room


Angie's Virtual Data Room

With the upcoming launch of Angie in the USA, UK and the Netherlands, there is something important to update you about.

As you may be aware, UK’s regulator Ofcom decided to postpone its auction of mobile frequency. That puts a halt to a large part of Angie’s UK plans. Obviously, until we acquire our license, there will be no mobile rollout.  

However, Angie is still moving full speed ahead in the USA, UK and Netherlands. Angie’s Phase I concerns the immediate stage where we start with the plan minus the mobile infrastructure component. This Phase I roll out will allow Angie and its vendors to start working together towards the future.   

While the Angie Phase I projects are not as large as the other project, it is still a very important proposition. Rolling out in this fashion would allow Angie to soon start building a fiber and wireless network that goes beyond 5G-ready, which is exactly why we coined the term 5G-Primed (www.5GPrimed.com). As you know, the ever-growing data consumption and the upcoming 5G revolution necessitates the building of fiber access networks as close to the mobile/wireless user as possible. 

The equipment required from vendors in Phase I revolves around outdoor carrier-class Wi-Fi, with an eye on (multi-band) mobile convergence. Each of Angie's Wi-Fi aggregation points will be fiber-fed, which is one of the many major facts that sets Angie's projects apart from Google's and Facebook's recently announced Gigabit wireless projects. This is truly Fiber to the Wi-Fi, and in fact virtual-Fiber-to-the-Premises.  

The following documents are available for public viewing:

UPDATE JUNE 21, 2016: We have discontinued the availability of some of the above documents due to their deadlines and their continued relevancy. The RFPs for cities wanting to do business with Angie, are also discontinued.  

If you are a company representative, city rep or anyone else interested in doing business with Angie, you can still register your interest through this form. We may contact you shortly. 

Furthermore, Angie has named Diepak Kasi as CEO Angie Netherlands (Angie Communications Nederland B.V.), Bob Snowden has been named CEO UK (Angie Networks Limited), and Gregory Nemitz has been named CEO Americas (Angie Communications USA, Inc.).  

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