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Richard F. Barry


Richard F. "Rick" Barry - Member, Supervisory Board

Mr. Barry is a Hall of Fame basketball player and one of the NBA’s Top 50 players of all-time as well as a sports broadcaster with over forty years of experience. Mr. Barry's stature in his sport and broadcasting gave him access to many top executives in varied businesses, which has served him well in his after basketball business life.

Besides making many appearances and giving motivational and success related speeches, since his retirement, Mr. Barry has invested in many business ventures, including water, computer software development, a gold mine and basketball facilities. He has served as an executive or advisor in a number of these businesses.

One of Mr. Barry's strengths is his use of the global network of successful people he has accumulated over the years. Due to his legendary sports status, Mr. Barry is able to “open doors”. 

Mr. Barry has been with Angie since 2008. 


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