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Gregory Nemitz - Group COO

Gregory Nemitz - Group COO

Mr. Nemitz is the company's "Rocket Scientist". He served on and off as Chief Technology Officer of Angie's predecessor companies since 2000. Mr. Nemitz is one of the principal architects of Angie's FiberBroadband Strategy. He held the role of Chief Project Officer, Americas from 2012-2016, responsible for the planning of the large-scale rollout of Angie's nationwide infrastructure. 

Mr. Nemitz’s experience spans executive positions dealing with international marketing, Space Law, lunar spacecraft development, telecommunications satellite constellations, and Internet infrastructures design.  He has hands-on technical experience designing and constructing NASA prototype Mars rovers. 

Having lived in Europe for three years and being an avid yacht sailor who sailed across the Pacific Ocean, Mr. Nemitz has extensive multi-cultural experience and holds a World Citizen mindset.

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