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Dr. Mahmoud El-Sherif - Group Chief Technology Officer

Dr. El-Sherif is a pioneering expert in Fiber Optics. He has 45 years of experience in teaching, R&D, and entrepreneurship. Dr. El-Sherif served as Director in many projects sponsored by NASA, DoD, NSF, and NIH. He holds over 20 US and international patents or patents pending. Dr. El-Sherif published articles in over 100 technical journals. Directed international programs in Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, China, and Japan.

Dr. El-Sherif previously served as iUHBA Networks' (Angie's predecessor company) as Vice-Chairman. In his present role as mUHBA's and Angie's CTO, he is in charge of the company's mobile, wireless and fiber optic technological developments and operations. He is also in charge of Angie's Research/Development & Innovation Live Lab projects in the upcoming markets.

Dr. El-Sherif has more than forty years of experience in academia and industrial technology development. His expertise ranges from academic teaching (25 years as Professor at Drexel University, Pennsylvania, USA), Research & Development, curriculum development, and supervising PhD and MS students, to industrial innovation in research and in technology development.

Dr. El-Sherif has published several book chapters, over one hundred papers in peer review journals, and attended countless conferences and seminars as an invited speaker. Dr. El-Sherif has supervised 16 PhD and MS theses work, and served on many PhD committees. He is a leading American inventor in the fields of fiber optic sensors, devices and systems, nano and microelectronics, optical communication systems and smart and intelligent materials/structures. Dr. El-Sherif holds 20 Patents and Patent-Pending, including joint patents with NASA and the US Army.

Dr. El-Sherif has received the Drexel Engineering Alumni Distinction Award for 2011. He has received the Presidential Gold Medal of Drexel University in 2005. He has received NASA Certificate of Recognition in 2002 on innovation and significant contribution. He has received several Certificates of Appreciation from the US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Center.


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