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Dr. Eelco Dykstra


Dr. Eelco Dykstra - Member, Advisory Board - Chairman, Smart Infrastructures Taskforce

Dr. Dykstra is the former Professor (visiting) of International Emergency Management, The George Washington University, Washington DC (2005-2010) and University of Kuopio, Finland (2001-2004). He is a world renowned expert with more than twenty-five years of international emergency management experience. 

Dr. Dykstra currently serves as a member of the Council of Environment & Infrastructure, the primary strategic advisory board for the Dutch government and parliament in matters relating to the nation’s physical environment and infrastructure. He is also founder of Dykstra International Emergency Management, and the International Katrina Project.

Dr. Dykstra has more than twenty-five years of international emergency management experience in a wide variety of settings. He has a proven ability to effectively deal with European, US, African and Asian approaches to emergency management systems and their respective stakeholders. Dr. Dykstra is an acclaimed presenter and motivator, particularly for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and inter-sector audiences.

Dr. Dykstra is a frequent guest in the Dutch media as commentator and analyst. 

Dr. Dykstra was introduced to Angie's CEO in 2007 by Angie's early Angel, Golden Globe-winning actor Rutger Hauer (also Angie's Creative Advisor). Dr. Dykstra has been involved with the Company ever since.  

Dr. Dykstra has served as the Chairman of  Angie's Smart Infrastructures Taskforce since 2014.  

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