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Joel Dunn


Joel Dunn - Member, Advisory Board

Mr. Joel Dunn is a New York based executive. He is an internationally renowned motion picture and television producer and director. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of Theory Films, a New York City based marketing and production company. Mr. Dunn and his work have won over three dozen international film awards and accolades, including being shortlisted for a 2014 Academy Award.

Mr. Dunn has worked with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies including Warner Bros. Records, Sony Music, Columbia Pictures, Amazon, Proctor & Gamble, and Nike. Dunn’s second company, Theory Industry, produces social media and viral video campaigns, having generated over 150 million impressions and 50 million views.  

Mr. Dunn sits on the boards of several charities and guest lectures at New York University.

Mr. Dunn has been a close friend and trusted adviser to Angie's CEO since 2008.


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