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Angie recently announced its revolutionary Gigabit Wireless Extreme projects. please click here for the announcement, or visit www.angiewireless.com/news (USA), www.angiewireless.co.uk/news (UK) and www.angiewireless.nl/nieuws (Netherlands) for the latest news, blogs and announcements.   

Announcement May 4, 2017

Angie is Pleased to be Partner Sponsor of Broadband World Forum 2017

Press Release April 18, 2017

Revolutionary IgniteNet mmwave Technology to Power Angie’s 10Gbps Wireless Extreme 

Publication  April 10, 2017

Angie's multi-purpose ultra-high-capacity networks: Small Cells, Gigabit Wireless Access, Smart Cities, IoT, and Fiber Backhaul 

Publication  March 15, 2017

“Building Ultra-Intelligent Cities” – Angie’s CEO in The Times’ Smart Cities special (page 13)

 Press Release  March 6, 2017

Dallas (Texas) Among First Cities Abandoned by Google Fiber to Get Unique Ultra-Intelligent Fiber Network

Press Release February 7, 2017

Cities Abandoned by Google Fiber are back in the Running to Become Gigabit Cities

 Press Release January 26, 2017

World’s Largest Telecom Start-Up Puts the Gigabit and Smart City Industry in High Gear with Its First “Ultra-Intelligent City” Rollout

Press Release December 22, 2016

Nationwide Rollout of 10 Gigabit Fiber and Wireless Gigabit: Angie’s Commoditization Strategy

Press Release October 25, 2016

Revolutionary 10 Gigabit Wireless Technology Lands Angie Communications as its Largest Buyer

Press Release July 14, 2016

Los Angeles City to Become USA’s First Fully Functional Wireless Gigabit and Smart City

Press Release July 13, 2016

Cities with Smart City Ambitions Can Now Opt for “Ultra-Intelligent City as a Service” 

Announcement June 28, 2016

Angie Announces Fiber Agreement with California Utility

Angie will utilize 5,000 miles of the utility’s fiber and communications infrastructure, including 500,000+ streetlights, for the backhaul and servicing of its ubiquitous Gigabit wireless Internet network in California, starting in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.
Press Release June 23, 2016

Launching Wireless Extreme: a revolutionary Gigabit Wireless access service powered by Angie Communications

Announcement June 22, 2016

Angie Communications Partners with iPass for Global Wi-Fi Connectivity

Announcement June 16, 2016

Angie Communications Announces Agreement with California’s Wilcon

Angie will utilize Wilcon’s 3,000 miles of fiber and communications infrastructure for the backhaul and servicing of its ubiquitous Gigabit wireless Internet network in California.








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