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Angie's FiberBroadband Strategy


Angie’s team has deep roots in the fledgling “Next Generation” communications industry. While the communications industry declined further and deeper into a slump in 2000 and 2001, the principals of Angie’s predecessor companies started investing in planning, engineering, research and development to create a groundbreaking model, the FiberBroadband Strategy (FBS). The FiberBroadband Strategy includes the technological as well as the business and financial “engineering” aspects of building and operating large-scale Next Generation mobile/wireless and end-to-end optical fiber infrastructures.

The FTTP and MB/WA infrastructures that Angie will build, based on the FBS, are exactly what set both the company and its services apart. The true convergence and integration of mobile, wireless and wired video, data, voice, multi-media and IoT/Smart services is possible for the first time. The FBS allows Angie to be a next generation Multi-System Wired and Mobile/Wireless Operator in the truest sense of the word. 

Angie will be more profitable than other operators because a) the company has no legacy systems to maintain and operate, b) the company can generate revenues from more streams, due to its state-of-the-art, converged infrastructure, and c) the company will have minimal debt while the competition is usually heavily debt-burdened.  

FBS-based infrastructures will enable Angie to deliver data transfer services at speeds and in capacities that legacy system operators cannot provide, and which would cost mobile operators many billion euros and years to build. Their business model and financial situation prevents them to allocate massive investments (which would, to make matters worse, cannibalize their existing revenue streams) that building such a massive infrastructure would entail. 

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