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Unless the context otherwise requires, the following capitalized terms used on this website have the following meaning:


means Third Generation, the global mobile communications term that denotes technologies enabling fast internet access on mobile devices;

“4G” and "4.5G"

means Fourth Generation and Fourth and a Half Generation, the global mobile communications term that denotes technologies enabling faster and more reliable internet access than with 3G on mobile devices;


means the Fifth Generation of Wireless connectivity, based on carrier-grade outdoor Wi-Fi technology, as well as upcoming mobile access on milimeter wavelength radiofrequency;

“ADSL 2+”

means a faster version of Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line technology, which enables data transmission over telephone lines;



means the Company;


means Angie Communications International B.V. 

“FiberBroadband Strategy”

means the proprietary business and solutions model developed by Angie Communications International B.V.;



means Fiber To The Premises, also known as Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and Fiber To The Office;


means Gigabit(s) per second;


means Internet Service Provider;

“Intellectual Property”


means all plans, products, patents, processes, documents, analyses, and other such intangible assets that is exclusively owned or used by a certain legal entity or person;




means Long Term Evolution, a 4G mobile broadband technology, adopted as the world standard in mobile communications;



means Megabits per second, equal to 1,000 Kilobits per second;



means Mobile Broadband/ Wireless Access;

means millimeter wavelength spectrum and technology;


means Memorandum of Understanding;


means the (more advanced) technology that comes after the presently adopted and deployed technology standard;



means the entire Angie Team, including executives, supervisory board and advisory board;



means Wireless Fidelity, the term used for local area networks (LANs), created in malls, campuses, homes, offices, and buildings or certain locations, based on 802.11x technology; 

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