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Gigabit Services in USA, UK and the Netherlands set to be Launched 

The World’s largest Telecom Startup, Angie Communications, Launches its Extreme Pioneers Program for Early Adopters

  • - Providing indoor & outdoor (city-wide) Gigabit wireless service for just 30 dollars/pounds/euro per month.
  • - Angie is building proprietary large scale next-generation fiber-fed wireless networks to make “Virtual Fiber To The Home” and Gigabit connectivity a reality.
  • - Angie brings ubiquitous and seamless wireless Gigabit connectivity directly to end users under its Wireless Extreme brand.

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Los Angeles, CA – June 29, 2016 – Angie Communications International, an ambitious entrant to the international telecoms market and the world's largest telecoms startup, today announced that it has declared itself open for business as it allows early adopters to lock in wireless Gigabit service in the USA, UK and the Netherlands for just $30, £30 and €30 per month, respectively, which can be ordered completely risk-free.

The Revolution

Wireless Extreme is a new way of ultra-high-speed indoor and outdoor (city-wide) connectivity, using your own devices - at up to 1 Gigabit speeds. The Wireless Extreme service is also a less expensive, more convenient alternative for current cable or DSL and even Fiber services. Open to anyone, Angie is today launching its Extreme Pioneers program, where customers can lock in the low price of just $/€/£30 per month, for a limited time.

With Wireless Extreme, a new era in the world of electronic communications has dawned. For the first time in history customers can get unrestricted and unlimited internet data at up to 1 Gigabit per second while on the move as well as at home or at the office. Since there are no wires involved, Wireless Extreme subscribers can get the same reliable Gigabit connectivity at home, at work, at the restaurant and all around town. This is made possible by the most advanced, next generation, Wi-Fi technologies that are built in ultra-dense networks that are directly linked to Angie’s fiber optic network.

Throughout October and November 2016, large part of Los Angeles City and New York City will be ready for Angie's Wireless Extreme Gigabit service. The UK (cities/boroughs in and around Greater London) will see its first large scale deployment finalized by year end, but the Netherlands will already see action throughout September and October in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Angie’s rollout in these countries happens fast, with certain surrounding populated areas following next. Over the course of 2017, Angie will roll out nationwide. Many more countries are also being added to Angie’s growing list of ready-to-go markets.

To get to this point in Angie’s strategy, more than 150,000 man hours have been invested. “What the Angie team and its partners have achieved is simply astounding,” said Neal Lachman, Group CEO, “the last revolutionary telecommunications access infrastructure that was introduced to residential users was Fiber-To-The-Home, in which my colleagues and I have played a pioneering role. Now we are again introducing gigabit connectivity at the access level, but this time it will be done wirelessly – we call this Virtual-Fiber-To-The-Home." Angie announced that the Wireless Extreme Gigabit service is also available for Home Offices and Small/Medium Businesses.  

The Vision

“Everything about Wireless Extreme is unique. With Wireless Extreme appearing on the scene, a new era in the world of electronic communications has dawned,” said Bob Chatta, COO Europe, “The “follow me” network is now becoming a reality: you can subscribe to the Wireless Extreme service and we’ll promise you unrestricted and unlimited Gigabit wireless access anytime, anywhere, anyhow – in all our rolled out markets."

“As soon as Wireless Extreme has been rolled out in your neighborhood or city, you don’t need to be attached to a cable or wire,” said Diepak Kasi, CEO Netherlands, “Most providers aren’t able to deliver Gigabit speeds over their existing networks or systems, let alone through wireless access means. They also can’t have you online, and up and running, within a few minutes. For example, when you move, you have to wait for weeks before you can get connected. And even if you would be so lucky to get a Gigabit service today, you don’t have the Gigabit connection available everywhere, because you are tied to a wire or cable. With Angie’s Wireless Extreme service, these restrictions and limitations disappear.”

The Promise

“We are here to make the everyday lives of people more enriched, easier, and fun by bringing about next-generation innovations and offering corresponding premium services to all – with the central remit of ensuring customer happiness through transforming peoples’ lives. We act in the true spirit of our motto: Going Beyond Imagination,” said Gregory Nemitz, CEO Americas, “You can take your Gigabit subscription to any of Angie's fast growing Wireless Extreme network coverage areas and benefit from this revolutionary wireless freedom. You also have the speed, capacity and soon VR capabilities available to use our telephone and (Ultra-)HDTV services - on your laptop or mobile devices.”

The Technology

Angie is building the world's only multi-nation next-generation communications infrastructure, anchored on optical fiber, which the company either directly owns or leases from - or builds in cooperation with - some of the world's largest fiber network operators. In aggregate, Angie will connect its Gigabit Wireless Extreme users to multi-(ten) terabit pipes.

Angie has signed agreements with some of the largest fiber optic network operators in their respective markets. This immediately propels Angie to the position of one of the world’s largest buyers of dark fiber and communications services. As of yet, the company has announced major agreements with Wilcon and Southern California Edison in the USA for its California project, and many more are being finalized or are in the pipeline.

Angie Networks Ltd, the UK subsidiary, is pushing full steam ahead with its UK “Smart Everything” initiatives, including tailor made Internet of Things (IoT) solutions of all flavors. Whilst Angie is finalizing talks with several city councils, Bob Snowden, CEO UK, signed yet another agreement with a soon to be announced council to roll out Angie’s Wireless Extreme network and its Smart Everything infrastructure, inspired by Angie’s unique 5G-Primed vision.

“We have also signed agreements with the likes of Colt and Zayo to access their deep dark fibre networks to bring our Wireless Extreme service closer to the user in Europe and the USA. One of our first networks is being planned for a strategically placed, leading business hub here in the UK,” says Snowden, “We are now working with the visionaries of that city to not only bring Wireless Extreme but also Angie’s Smart Everything solutions to the area.”

Angie’s Gigabit Wireless Extreme network will remain a pillar of strengthfor Angie for years to come, delivering nationwide reliable and unrestricted ubiquitous Gigabit connectivity for use at home, at the office and while on the move. In addition, the company plans to build out and offer FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) services in similar aggressive and market-disrupting way.

“Most wireless operators are now facing severe difficulties in keeping up with the explosive growth of data usage and innovative IT applications. Incremental improvement is no longer acceptable and it’s time for a revolutionary upgrade to the next generation of extreme speed and bandwidth,” said Dr. Mahmoud El-Sherif, Group CTO and holder of several revolutionary fiber optic patents. “That is what Angie has aimed to do from the outset, and in coming years we will utilize patented technology, through a strategic partnership with Photonics Inc., that enables Angie to go beyond 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps connections, all the way to 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps, per individual connection.”

Angie’s Wireless Extreme network infrastructure will include the latest wireless technologies, including carrier-class Wi-Fi technology. In each neighborhood, outdoor wireless access points will be directly connected to Angie’s fiber optic network, strengthened by many street level access points. Industry experts are well aware that future data demand cannot be satisfied without such an ultra-dense wireless infrastructure, which needs to be fiber-fed. Only fiber backhaul (with multiple terabits per second connectivity) can handle the upcoming exponential growth of mobile and wireless data usage. Angie’s wireless network is built as beyond 5G-ready; due to the connection on Angie’s virtually unlimited fiber capacity, its network is 5G-primed - intelligent, connected, wired and wireless.

You can watch the Wireless Extreme explainer video featuring Rick Barry (NBA Hall of Fame legend) here.

About Angie Communications 

Angie was founded by an international team of highly qualified technology professionals. Angie’s team includes renowned visionaries and industry pioneers who have helped shape the 4G mobile, 5G wireless and Fiber-To-The Premises industries. Angie’s founding team has a combined 500+ years of experience in business; its executive team consists of industry pioneers and experts with a combined 300 years of telecom experience.  

For more information about Angie’s Gigabit Wireless Extreme projects, please visit www.angiewireless.com (USA), www.angiewireless.co.uk and www.angiewireless.nl/ (Netherlands).  

For more information about Angie Communications International B.V., please visit www.ang.ie.

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