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CEO's Letter

April 15, 2016, Los Angeles

When we first introduced Angie’s international plans in March 2014, we didn’t expect such an overwhelming response from the industry. Over the course of 2014 and 2015, more than 600 potential partners registered their interest or qualifications questionnaires, resulting in an amazing database that includes some of the world’s largest vendors, builders, installers and suppliers.    

Another unexpected achievement is the large number of potential partners that came our way, some with a keen interest in financing our projects. Given the attractiveness of Angie’s future, in terms of creating major, tangible assets as well as being a unique, prestigious multinational project, we are nowadays resting assured that, with access to capital, financing our projects is the least of our concerns –despite the large amounts needed. 

What we are offering through our RFP is a unique opportunity for communities. Due to our two years of planning, business modeling and strategic development, we have the ability to quickly and swiftly deploy a large-scale network, without disrupting the city and its people. 

Now that we have hundreds of partners ready and willing, we are focusing our attention on “city business development”. We are publishing this RFP in order to assess the willingness and preparedness of communities across USA and Canada. We intend to cover 90% of the USA and Canada population with our Gigabit Wireless service in a period of 36 months. The ones with the fastest licensing, permitting and facilitation proposals for Angie will, obviously, be prioritized. 

Angie will utilize outdoor carrier-class Wi-Fi, as advanced possible with regards to Angie's future multi-band mobile convergence (i.e. forward compatible). Practically each of Angie's access points will be fiber-fed, which is one of the many major facts that sets Angie's projects apart from Google's and Facebook's recently announced trial Gigabit wireless projects.

Note that we do not require any financial commitment and/or public funding (federal or local). The only thing we are seeking through this RFP is a commitment of local politicians and organizations to make theirs a Gigabit City. 

Parallel to its wireless network, Angie will also deploy the most widely available and dense multi-purpose smart sensor network throughout the communities as an open access “smart solutions” network - open to third parties. All this will be compatible and work with the users’ existing devices. 

As an operator and service provider, Angie sees itself as a lifestyle-convergence company, bringing the next generation of mobile and wireless communication services and “smart”/“Internet of Everything” solutions without compromising on quality and service. We will guarantee our subscribers the highest quality gigabit services for a very low price.  

Without doubt, the communications market will see service providers battling it out in the coming few years to gain (or worse, retain) subscribers. However, we think that now is the right time for Angie to revolutionize the market. As in all battles, there will be winners and losers. As long as we can count on the right partners, Angie will be one of the winners.  

On behalf of Angie’s team, we can tell you that we truly look forward to make your city a Gigabit City as soon as possible, unconditionally.   

Yours sincerely, 

Neal S. Lachman

Group CEO, Angie Communications International B.V. 

Gregory Nemitz

CEO, Americas, Angie Communications B.V.

CEO, Angie Communications USA, Inc. 

(Click here for our Gigabit City - Wireless Extreme RFP)

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