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Build citywide, region-wide and ultimately nation-wide ubiquitous, seamless ultra-high-speed wireless and fiber networks to provide:  

- Wireless internet services (up to 1 Gbps) based on outdoor wireless standards, each Access Point/node connected to fiber;

- Roaming access to Angie-owned and/or partner/affiliated networks abroad at very low (or no) additional cost. 

- Build a nationwide infrastructure of last-mile fiber network to connect and serve millions of households with Wireless Extreme service (last few hundred feet is wireless): 

- Fulfill the promise of unmatched performance in terms of bandwidth, speed and capacity;

- Provide subscribers with “Quintuple-Play” at a more attractive price than the competitors’ current triple-play and/or mobile offerings. These five services are:  

  1. Digital/HDTV;
  2. HD landline telephony;
  3. Gigabit Internet access;
  4. Mobile broadband/telephony (through Angie MVNO);
  5. Wireless Roaming.

 - Introduce a business model of co-creating value with subscribers and partners;

- Lead a network of multi-local eco-systems of subscribers and partners and Angie-owned or affiliated businesses, e.g. Angie TV/Radio Stations, movies, music, sports; 

- Establish a new standard for infrastructure service providers by offering built-in interoperability, and bundling certain (free) services with state-of-the-art devices that offer personal and social value.


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