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The Company

Full Name: Angie Communications 

Meaning: “Angie” is the phonetic spelling of the letters N and G, which is industry jargon for "Next-Generation"

Message: “Premium communications services at low cost”

Tag line: “Going Beyond Imagination”  

Angie is a very ambitious, competitive, and aggressive company that was founded with its sight set on 100+ year existence and swiftly becoming one of the largest communications companies in the world. It has never been, and still is not, Angie founding team’s ambition to create a company in order to sell it quickly at a substantial profit. Angie will be profitable from year 3 onward anyway, which allows the team to focus on creating long-term benefits such as great customer happiness, high value creation and very attractive profits. 

Angie will build, own, and operate ultra-high-bandwidth wireless and wired infrastructures to compete directly, intensively and aggressively with traditional service providers and network operators.  

Angie believes in fair play, transparency and "sharing". Angie executives believe and act in the tradition of the Triple Bottom Line of doing business:   

  1. Sustainable profitability: we are in business to make money for our shareholders, but we do it in a planet-people-profit-conscious way and try to benefit society beyond monetary wealth;
  2. Social value: we want to enable all people in our markets to efficiently communicate and share anything with friends, family and colleagues in a hyper-connected fashion, virtual and ultra-fast, anywhere, anytime, guaranteed at very low costs, but we also want to ensure involvement and dedication to the community at large in general and our customer base in specific;
  3. Environmental benefit: by enabling people to communicate through ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-capacity communication means, teleworking will become an even more attractive option, ultimately resulting in energy savings and less exhaust gases. The Company is furthermore dedicated to investing in and utilizing energy-efficient technologies, especially in terms of deployed equipment in its infrastructure.
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